Rachelle Eason
2 min readJan 26, 2022

Pottery — And All The Feels!

What is it about holding a piece of pottery? It something that transcends words for me sometimes…and I’ve been a potter for decades.

As I sit at my potter’s wheel and glide my fingers with the clay, my mind often wonders into another realm, one almost as muddy as my hands. There’s an organic connection I feel, but I am so close to it, so interwoven that it is part of me. It seems as if I can’t describe clay any more without describing me.

It may seem odd to some because they may know me more as another kind of artist. Some know me as a plant-stained artist, some as an Art Journaling teacher, other as a mixed-media artist. In fact, many know me as an entrepreneur in the art world owning an art studio rather than a production artist.

True, over time I have worn many hats in the art world. I have had many different revenue streams to make a living and to stay relevant in the industry as we raised and homeschooled our four children. Pottery, however, has always been my north star.

So, if you would be so kind as to respond with your own experiences with pottery, your connection. What is it the allure. Your story, your statement, your feeling is important and so valuable to me in trying to work through the webs that are stringing through my thoughts on the subject. There’s a topic there I am trying to grasp and I am hoping you can help me.

Please respond via an email directly to me at info@rachelleeason.com. I am working on a project and if the project comes to fruition, I will ask your permission and give you credit if you your information is used. Your time and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated!

Rachelle Eason

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