Air-Dry Clay & Art Journaling

Rachelle Eason
2 min readApr 6, 2022

Last Night in Art Journaling was AWESOME!

The topic this month is Scenes of Colorful Places and we started with Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC. We watched a brief video, checked out some pics of Rainbow Row in real life as well as artwork, and then dove into drawing a portion of it.

What kicked it all up a notch was adding air-dry clay embellishments! Many of my students like to work on these pages throughout the whole week until the next LIVE ONLINE lesson.

Air-Dry Clay definitely gives an additional layer of art exploration and it feeds those of us craving tactile engagement.

Here’s a quick peak at the part where we made a “tree in the wind.” As you can see, all needs to still be painted. I look forward to my students sharing their finished pages — or Works-In Progress pages soon in my Facebook Group… Rachelle Eason’s Blooming Artists.

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Next month — May — is all about pottery! We will be diving into some significant historical finds as well as looking at the role of the potter in current times. Of course, we will be doing all this enrichment through drawing, painting, and air-dry claying!

Come join in the fabulousness!



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