I love flame! At least I love controlled flame in a creative artsy setting.
Two of my fabulous students last semester gifted me with a torch and I have been enjoying finishing up my Raku pieces with the added touch a torch flame brings. With a bit of flame and a Raku fired surface, the metallic glazes get even more delightful.

Take a look at the finishing of one of my “Medusa” sculptures. Love it!

Originally published at https://www.rachelleeason.com on March 25, 2020.

So it’s Friday night and what am I doing… editing a video for an online art class; a free online art class! My RachelleEason.com Shop is updated and the kiln is cooling, so, of course, my thoughts would go to Fly Swattering!

Fly Swattering Art is a favorite of my students, of all ages, but especially the adults! I have used this method for years in my studios and it is always a hit. The trick is using colors that go together because they will blend a lot.

Needing something to do that is a great family activity or fabulous for an art date with yourself or others…Try Fly Swattering Art!

Enjoy the video!

Fly Swattering Art!
Dress for a mess and have some fun!

Originally published at https://www.rachelleeason.com on September 6, 2019.

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